Ionic Diffusion in a Ternary Superionic Conductor: An {\it ab initio} Molecular Dynamics Study

We present Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics simulations of a novel super-ionic conductor, Li(2-2x)Mg(1+x)Si (x~ 0.06), at different temperatures. The calculations clarify the nature of the ionic conduction and lead to the prediction of the first inorganic magnesium superionic conductor. In fact, both lithium and magnesium are found to act as charge carriers. The diffusion is fast and can be described as vacancy migration through directed jumps. The calculated diffusion constants for lithium are consistent with recent electrochemical measurements.

By: Steffen Wengert (ETH Zurich, Switz.), Reinhard Nesper (ETH Zurich, Switz.), Wanda Andreoni and Michele Parrinello (Max-Planck Inst., Germany)

Published in: Physical Review Letters, volume 77, (no 25), pages 5083-5 in 1996

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