A Privacy-Enhancing Radio Frequency Identification Tag: Implementation of the Clipped Tag

The use of RFID tags for the tagging of individual consumer items is a distinct possibility. We have suggested the use of the “Clipped Tag” for individual items in order to enhance consumer privacy. The Clipped Tag allows the consumer to tear off a portion of the tag in order to transform a tag that may be read at a range of 10 meters to one than can only be read at a few cm. The use of these tags puts privacy protection in the hands of the consumer, provides a visual indication that the tag has been modified, but makes it possible for the tag to be used later for returns, recalls, or recycling. This paper describes an implementation of Clipped Tag prototypes.

By: Paul A. Moskowitz; Andris Lauris; Stephen S. Morris

Published in: RC23937 in 2006


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