Area-of-Polygon Based Projection for Simulation and Reconstruction in Fan-Beam X-ray CT

A novel method to simulate a fan-beam X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanner in a digital computer is presented in this paper. The line integral along a ray through the object is computed by splitting the overlap between the ray and the pixellated object into polygons. The line integral is then computed as a weighted sum of areas of these polygons, where the weights convert the areas into line-lengths. To reconstruct the object from the raw data produced by the above simulator, we use a statistical image reconstruction algorithm to produce a noise-free image. The forward projector used in the algorithm is computed using a method similar to that used in the simulator, but approximate areas are used instead to reduce reconstruction time. The main motivation behind the proposed forward projector is to model the scanner as accurately as possible for applications that demand highly accurate reconstructions, e.g. removal of calcium blooming artifacts in cardiac scans.

By: Somesh Srivastava; Vadim Sheinin

Published in: RC24735 in 2009


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