Screen Reader/2: Access to OS/2 and the Graphical User Interface

        Screen Reader/2 is IBM's access system to OS/2, providing blind users access to the graphical user interface (GUI) of Presentation Manager, to Windows programs running under OS/2, and to text mode DOS and OS/2 programs. Screen Reader/2 is a completely redesigned and rewritten follow-on to IBM's Screen Reader Version 1.2 for DOS.

        There has been considerable discussion about the technical challenges, difficulties, and inherent obstacles presented by the GUI. Not enough time and energy ahs been devoted to the successes in GUI access, in part because the developers of GUI access software have had their hands full trying to solve very difficult problems.

        This paper will describe how IBM Screen Reader makes the GUI accessible.

By: Jim Thatcher

Published in: RC19824 in 1994


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