Experience of Developing and Implementing a Light-Weight Enterprise Grid

In this paper we present our light-weight grid solution which overcomes many of the more common inhibitors associated with “gridifying” enterprise-type applications. The motivation behind creating a light-weighted grid solution includes: simplified middleware components with a small foot-print and thus easier maintenance of individual resources.

Java-based middleware solutions like Globus®, can be quite heavyweight to install and even more cumbersome to maintain. With our goal of being a light-weight solution and also our desire to target non-dedicated type resources, our middleware layer needed to be as thin as possible.

Our grid solution is a prototype deployed over a geographic distributed world-wide grid system using z/Linux instances hosted under an S/390 mainframe, p-series AIX and x-series Linux workstations.

By: Colm Malone; Alexr Zlatsin; Nianjun Zhou

Published in: RC24117 in 2006


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