DBC-JS: Middleware for Secure Web-Client Access to Relational Data

dbc-js (Database Connectivity for JavaScript) is middleware that allows web-clients to directly access relational data without compromising enterprise security. On the client, dbc-js consists of a JavaScriptTMAPI and library that can be used by web-applications without special browser-plugins. On the server, the dbc-js gateway, written in PHP, is an adaptor layer that mediates between dbc-js and relational databases and provides functions such as operation forwarding and security. Web 2.0 applications can thus use dbc-js to access relational data as a first-class construct instead of through ad-hoc protocols. We explain the advantages of direct web-client access to relational data, discuss how developers benefit from using the dbc-js client-side libraries, and show that enterprises can use dbc-js to make relational data assets available to web-applications in a secure and robust fashion.

By: Avraham Leff; James T. Rayfield

Published in: RC24217 in 2007


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