Research and Implementation of Knowledge-Enhanced Information Services

Information isolation has been identified a big challenge in information service. Most existing methods are proposed as configuration information geared for discrete applications or processes. However, the information hiding in complicated IT infrastructure isn’t only the data coming from configuration management domain. How to efficiently extract and integrate the hidden knowledge from a mass of information is really the pain point of ITSM. In this paper, a threading strategy (TS) with KPI mark and knowledge enhanced information service framework is proposed to address this problem for more effectively managing complex and changed-intrinsic IT service infrastructure. The essential contribution of this novel approach is to organize information with a KPI mark and build up a knowledge repository to accumulate experts’ knowledge for reuse in information service. In addition, a prototype called BIANCHIN is implemented to explore this knowledge-enhanced information service framework. Finally, a real business application of Cisco VoIP system is used as a case for evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of knowledge-enhanced information service framework.

By: Yang Bo; Wang Hao; Chen Ying; Lei Hui; Liu Liang; Ma Qian

Published in: RC24301 in 2007


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