Multi-Level Security for Service-Oriented Architectures

Multi-level security (MLS) is a well-established and thoroughly studied approach towards security. Service-oriented architectures (SOA) are emerging in the commercial world and promise increased flexibility and better interoperability. While both concepts have substantial merit, there is no well-established approach for combining both. In this paper, we describe how to provide multi-level security in a service-oriented architecture. First, we propose a conceptual design for multi-level security in a service-oriented architecture. We then describe how this model can be realized in today’s defense networks that are structured into mutually isolated network zones with different confidentiality classifications

By: Hari V. Ramasamy; Matthias Schunter

Published in: Proc. IEEE Military Communications Conf. "MILCOM 2006"Piscataway, NJ, USA., IEEE in 2006


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