Enabling Real-Time Data Center Energy Management

The most desirable data center energy monitoring and management capabilities required for energy efficiency are today not affordable, or even possible, for a variety of reasons. We enable these capabilities by two new pieces of technology: a low-cost, non-intrusive and retrofittable power monitoring sensor for power panel circuits and a semiautomatic server-to-circuit mapping system employing the new sensor. Applications include accurate charge-back to clients, server-to-circuit mapping for more efficient equipment placement, and branch circuit power capping allowing the safe oversubscription of power for more efficient utilization of power capacity, resulting in the deferral of major capital expenses.

By: W. El-Essawy, A. P. Ferreira, J. C. Rubio, T. Keller, K. Rajamani, M. Ware

Published in: RC25268 in 2011


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