Single SiGe transistor power output limits at frequencies greater than 31 GHz based upon published journal data and theoretical approximations.

In this paper, we will show that today’s SiGe transistor technologies can reasonable reach power levels of a few hundred milli-Watts, in a millimeter wave (MMW) regime above 31 GHz. This is done in two parts. First, published SiGe transistor output powers at MMW frequencies are presented. Second, a Figures of Merit (FoM) is discussed to
draw conclusions on performance values of power amplifiers (PAs). Based on this, we show that reasonable output power levels of 100’s of milli-Watts are possible today with further improvements expected in the future.

By: Ullrich Pfeiffer, Brian P. Gaucher, Modest M. Oprysko, Mehmet Soyuer

Published in: RC22797 in 2003


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