Megos: Enterprise Resource Management in Mesos Clusters

Enterprise data centers increasingly adopt a cloud-like architecture that enables the execution of multiple workloads on a shared pool of resources, reduces the data center footprint and drives down the costs. The Apache Mesos project is emerging as a leading open source resource management technology for server clusters. However, the default Mesos allocation mechanism lacks a number of policy and tenancy capabilities, important in enterprise deployments. We have investigated integration of Mesos with the IBM EGO (enterprise grid orchestrator) technology which underpins various high performance computing, analytics and big data clusters in a variety of industry verticals including financial services, life sciences, manufacturing and electronics. We have designed and implemented an experimental integration prototype, and have tested it with SparkBench workloads. We demonstrate how Mesos can be enriched with new resource policy capabilities, required for managing enterprise data centers.

By: Abed Abu-Dbai, Khalid Ahmed, David Breitgand, Gidon Gershinsky, and Alex Glikson

Published in: H-0324 in 2016


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