RCSVD: Recursive Clustering with Singular Value Decomposition for Dimension Reduction in Content-Based Retrieval of Large Image/Video Databases

        Efficient indexing in feature space is crucial for many digital library applications. However, the efficiency of spatial indexing techniques usually deteriorates with the increase of dimensionality. A new algorithm, Recursive Clustering with SIngular Value Decomposition (RCSVD) is proposed in this paper for reducing the dimensionality of the feature space. In the proposed algorithm, singular value decomposition and clustering techniques are applied recursively to the feature vectors until the dimensions cannot be further reduced. Performance of the proposed algorithm is evaluated based on a selected set of texture features extracted from satellite images. We report experimental results on the tradeoff between increased storage efficiency (due to reduced dimensionality) and reduced search efficiency to attain the same accuracy in the context of the ubiquitous nearest neighbor search operation. The results show that significant dimension reduction can be achieved by using the proposed algorithm without much impact on efficiency.

By: Alex Thomasian, Vittorio Castelli and Chung-Sheng Li

Published in: RC20704 in


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