The Development of Superconductivity Research in Oxides

Starting with the first observation of superconductivity in an oxide, namely SrTiO(3), the history of its development is traced. Basically, and consecutively, three kinds of oxide superconductors have been found: compounds with normal transition-metal-based conduction bands, oxides with cations exhibiting charge disproportionation, and finally the cuprates with large Coulomb on-site repulsion, U. The doped La(2)CuO(4) was the first oxide discovered in this new class of materials. The discussion will then lead over to a characterization of the high-Tc materials, with regard to their main physical properties.

By: K. Alex Mueller

Published in: Proceedings of 10th Anniversary HTS Workshop on Physics, Materials and Applications ed. by B. Batlogg, C.W. Chu, W.K. Chu, D.U. Gubser and K.A. Müller. , Singapore, World Scientific, p.3-16 in 1996

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