A SCOR-Based Framework for Supply Chain Performance Management

The importance of performance management in supply chains has long been recognized from a variety of functional disciplines. But much of the work has focused on designing performance measures with less concern for the other stages of the entire performance management process. The supply chain operations reference (SCOR) model, developed by the Supply-Chain Council (SCC), is widely accepted as the only cross-industry standard for supply chain management, which not only provides a standard description of supply chain processes, but standard metrics to measure supply chain performance. Based on the SCOR model, a comprehensive framework for supply chain performance management is presented in this paper, which includes all aspects of performance management from performance measurement to performance improvement. The methods for performance model design and performance analysis are mainly discussed.

By: Changrui Ren; Jin Dong; Hongwei Ding; Wei Wang

Published in: RC23989 in 2006


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