Organizational Maps and Mashups

In this paper we introduce OrgMaps, an interaction design for navigating human organizations that is tightly coupled with people-centric data. Enterprises are increasingly in need to visualize the large number of its globally-connected members, but cannot without a common visual and analytical basis. OrgMaps attempts to become this basis, providing a flexible layered navigational structure and API on which to build new applications, similar in spirit to Google Maps and their API that have revitalized the medium of geography. Our strategy layers photos and data about members on top of the hierarchical icicle plot of the organizational structure in an intelligent zooming interface. Example data sources include people-centric attributes, such as list of publications, instant messaging status, performance ratings, and tags. We present the design principles and features behind OrgMaps, and argue that it and similarly integrated organizational tools will radically change the way organizations view themselves and use such knowledge.

By: Danny Soroker; Aaron Zinman; Chandrasekhar Narayanaswami

Published in: RC24551 in 2008


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