Checking XML Constraints Using Relational Technology

As XML becomes the prevalent format for data interchange
between B2B applications, efficiently checking the validity of XML documents
with respect to a given schema is going to be critical. While this can be
currently achieved using a standard validating parser, we argue that
this is not always the most efficient way. Since most of the XML data
today resides in relational database systems, it makes sense to rely
on the capabilities of database systems for checking the constraints
imposed by particular schemas. In this paper we examine how the various
types of XML constraints can be expressed as SQL queries. We give an
algorithm that, given a mapping between an XML schema and a relational
schema, automatically translates XML constraints into equivalent
database queries. We also report on our experimental evaluation of
this method's performance.

By: Yuan Wang, George A. Mihaila, and Sriram Padmanabhan

Published in: RC22923 in 2003


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