Applying Knowledge Sharing for Business Intelligent Collaboration

IT services need an automatic and flexible ability to react to dynamic changes in their environment. Manage change effectively and reduce the negative effects of day-to-day operations has become one of most important tasks in IT service management, which require IT professionals with high skill and spend high labor costs for IT service management. There is a challenge to select, implement and integrate the right resources quickly and effectively. Although there is a growing body of research into IT management, many techniques are either too narrow (focusing on a single component rather than the entire system), or they address only configuration data collection and integration. Instead, one needs to scale or respond to special domain knowledge, collaboration and the right data for helping IT professionals to improve their work. In this paper, we propose a knowledgesharing based collaborating management system for IT service management. It aims to bridge the gap between domain experts’ knowledge and manageable systems. We developed a proof-of-concept of impact analysis service based on knowledge-sharing; it establishes an IT service management collaboration paradigm and ecosystem, leveraging the expert’s rich knowledge and experience to improve the management quality and reduce the cost. A case study driven by customers demonstrates that collaboration with knowledge sharing is effective both at constructing useful system analysis services and in using those services to improve system management.

By: Bo Yang; Hao Wang; Fred Douglis

Published in: IEEE International Conference on Web ServicesLos Angeles, USA, p.311-18 in 2009

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