Terminology Extraction and Deep Parsing

A terminological database is much more useful if it not only contains extracted terms, but also has informative context sentences associated with each term. Such examples enable the human user to understand the concepts denoted by the extracted terms, and this is valuable for document production and translation.

In this paper we describe an enhancement to IBM's terminology extraction tool, TermExt, for associating high-quality context sentences with each term, as well as the methodology behind this. One important ingredient is the use of full, deep parsing, and we explain how the ESG (English Slot Grammar) parser is used for both context sentence selection and the further TermExt enhancement of verb term extraction. Verb terms also play a role in selecting good context sentences for noun terms.

By: Arendse Bernth, Michael C. McCord, Carla Quinn

Published in: RC25341 in 2012


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