Multi-Layer Intermediate Representation for ASIP Design and Critical-Path Optimization

Existing methods for the design of application-specific instruction set processors are tailored to the domain of data-dominated applications, which are characterized by extensive computations and few branches. In this paper, we propose to combine a selection of current data-dominated design methods to form an integrated design methodology.
Design methods for the control-dominated area require an extended set of information on application characteristics in order to effectively handle many branches intersected with only small data-flow blocks. Therefore, we introduce a multi-layer application representation that captures control, data, and timing dependencies as well as further annotations, to form a basis for transferring the methodology to the control-dominated domain. Based on this representation, we propose a method to resolve scheduling conflicts between tight deadlines. This method demonstrates the potential of the new representation.

By: Gero Dittmann and Andreas Herkersdorf

Published in: RZ3484 in 2003


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