Direct Observation of Domain-wall Configurations Modified by Spin Currents

Direct observations of current-induced domain-wall propagation by spin-polarized scanning electron microscopy are reported. Current pulses move head-to-head as well as tail-to-tail walls in sub-micron permalloy wires in the direction of the electron flow, and a decay of the wall velocity with the number of injected current pulses is observed. High-resolution images of the domain walls reveal that the wall spin structure evolves from a vortex to a transverse configuration with subsequent pulse injections. The change in spin structure is directly correlated with the decay of the velocity and discussed within the framework of recent theoretical approaches.

By: M. Kläui; Pierre-Olivier Jubert; Andreas Bischof; Rolf Allenspach; C.A.F. Vaz; G. Faini; U. Rüdiger

Published in: Physical Review Letters, volume 95, (no 2), pages 026601 in 2005

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