Is Your Layout Density Verification Exact? A Fast Exact Algorithm for Density Calculation

As the device shapes keep shrinking, the designs are more sensitiveto manufacturing processes. In order to improve performance predictability and yield, mask layout uniformity/evenness is highly desired, and it is usually measured by the feature density with defined feasible range in manufacture process design rules. To address the density control problem, one fundamental problem is how to calculate density accurately and efficiently. In this paper, we propose a fast exact algorithm to identify the maximum density for a given layout. Compared with the existing exact algorithms, our algorithm reduces the running time from days/hours to a few minutes/seconds. And it is even faster than the existing approximate algorithms in literature

By: Hua Xiang; Kai-Yuan Chao; Ruchir Puri; Martin D.F. Wong

Published in: RC24076 in 2006


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