A Toolkit for Policy Enablement in Autonomic Computing

A Policy Toolkit is being developed at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center that is aimed at accelerating the adoption of policy based technologies and methodologies. The goal is to produce a set of common software components that can be used across a wide variety of applications, and that simplify the task of integrating policy related methodologies into new or existing software systems. As such, the Policy Toolkit provides direct support for the efforts involved in autonomic computing, e-business on demand, OGSA grid computing, and web services. It contains libraries of commonly used policy manipulation functions (e.g., for creating, validating, evaluating, and otherwise managing a set of policies), as well as patterns for building typical policy-based systems. Its components can be bundled into user applications in a variety of ways, allowing them to flexibly incorporate the ability to make decisions based on policies.

By: Dinesh C. Verma, Seraphin B. Calo

Published in: RC23076 in 2004


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