Glamour: A Wide-Area Filesystem Middleware Using NFSv4

In this paper we describe the design and implementation of Glamour, a federated filesystem layer that enables clients to seamlessly navigate data that is spread across multiple heterogeneous widely distributed file servers. Glamour is not a globally distributed filesystem. Instead, it enables a set of loosely coupled file servers to behave as one. It provides the common enterprise-wide namespace and data management operations as a wide-area distributed filesystem would, while relying completely on standard off-the-shelf clients, filesystems and client-server protocols. Glamour provides data management with flexible granularity and supports transparent replication and data migration. Using our testbed, we demonstrate the various features of Glamour and report on overheads.

By: Renu Tewari; Jonathan M. Haswell; Manoj P. Naik; Steven M. Parkes

Published in: RJ10368 in 2005


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