Software Outsourcing Project Governance Platform

It is well known that software outsourcing projects are more difficult to be managed because of cross organizations participated, especially for those projects with multiple level outsourcing. Although some software vendors passed the certification of CMMI or ISO9000, it is still a big challenge to execute a project in a consistent governance mechanism when the activities happened in different organizations can not be controlled in a unified platform. In this paper, we introduce a web-delivered software engineering service platform to facilitate the governance to software outsourcing projects. Service providers can provide independent services to the platform which needs to be evaluated the compliance degree with the process areas of CMMI, therefore, the consumers can select the appropriate service set to construct the specific governance supporting environment which complies with CMMI in a quantitative degree. Then the software outsourcing projects can be executed under such unified governance supporting environment to guarantee the practical activities are controlled in a consistent governance model. We not only present the framework of governance platform, but also introduce one implementation, called Internet-based Software Outsourcing Platform.

By: Ying Liu; Xin Zhou; Yabin Dang; Wei Zhao

Published in: RC24932 in 2010


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