Next Generation Real Time Operational Database by Extending Informix

In the era of “the Internet of Things”, more and more applications face the challenge of how to manage the massive volume of data generated by various sensors and devices in the current data management systems. Real time databases handle the data with operational technology (OT) characteristics (high volume, long lifecycle, simple format). However, while achieving excellent “write” performance, these systems provide limited “read” capabilities. In this paper, we present a new real time operational database (RODB) system. Our system addresses the “read” problem by extending the anatomy of the Informix system architecture. The core ideas allow complicated queries in SQL manner to deal with various advanced “read” tasks while keeping the “write” advantages of the existing real time databases. We demonstrate the high efficiency of our system on both “write” and “read” applications with a variety of real case studies in the domains of C&P, E&U and facility data management.

By: Sheng Huang, Xiao Yan Chen, Kai Liu, Yao Liang Chen, Chen Wang, Simon David

Published in: RC25327 in 2012


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