Adaptive Resource Management and Workload Scheduling for a Peer Grid

Business applications are typically run on dedicated servers belonging to a single administrative domain. The advent of the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) has opened new avenues for executing business workloads on a platform consisting of non-dedicated resources from multiple administrative domains, using the Grid paradigm. However, the popular implementations of OGSA do not adequately address the needs of business and commercial applications. In this paper, we discuss the key requirements imposed by transactional business applications and how these requirements affect the underlying grid architecture. Instead of using resources that are dedicated for a single type of grid computations, we consider a grid architecture that pools together resources
that may be shared according to individual local policies. We discuss the logical architecture of a such a grid with particular emphasis on transparent resource management and workload scheduling. We also discuss some of the design choices we have made and present performance results to show the effects of transient resources (because of policy-based sharing) on the throughput delivered to grid workload.

By: Vijak K. Naik, Swaminathan Sivasubramanian, Sriram Krishnan

Published in: RC22839 in 2003


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