A Novel Web Sales Tracking Solution for Multi-channel Marketing Programs on Electronic Commerce

Internet based marketing programs have become critically important to many businesses, and at the same time more technologically advanced. If a business practices multiple types of Web marketing campaigns, sells multiple brands, and manages multiple online stores, it has to use market tracking solutions to monitor sales and leads from different marketing programs, and track and evaluate the performance of each program. A novel solution for tracking Web sales for multi-channel marketing programs is described. It consists of two technological components. A transient landing page provides a unique way to centralize, control and distribute Web traffic from different programs, and in doing so saves a Web merchant time, cost and effort in administrating its online stores. A multi-channel identifier allows the merchant to track sales and leads, and to evaluate the results and effectiveness of each program.

By: Thomas Kwok, Thao Nguyen

Published in: RC23188 in 2004


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