An Evaluation of Using Programming by Demonstration and Guided Walkthrough Techniques for Authoring and Utilizing Deocumentation

Much existing documentation is informal, and serves to communicate “how-to” knowledge among restricted working groups. Using current practices, such documentation is both difficult to maintain, and difficult to use properly.

In this paper, we propose a documentation system, called DocWizards, that uses programming by demonstration to support low-cost authoring, and guided walkthrough techniques to improve document usability. We report a comparative study between the use of DocWizards and of traditional techniques for authoring and following documentation. The study participants showed significant gains in efficiency and reduction in error rates when using DocWizards. In addition, they expressed a clear preference for using the DocWizards tool both for authoring and for following documentation.

By: Vittorio Castelli; Madhu Prabaker; Lawrence Bergman

Published in: RC23800 in 2005


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