Fault-tolerant quantum computation against biased noise

We formulate a scheme for fault-tolerant quantum computation that works effectively against highly biased noise, where dephasing is far stronger than all other types of noise. In our scheme, the fundamental operations performed by the quantum computer are single-qubit preparations, single-qubit measurements, and conditional-phase (CPHASE) gates, where the noise in the CPHASE gates is biased. We show that the accuracy threshold for quantum computation can be improved by exploiting this noise asymmetry; e.g., if dephasing dominates all other types of noise in the CPHASE gates by four orders of magnitude, we find a rigorous lower bound on the accuracy threshold higher by a factor of 5 than for the case of unbiased noise.

By: Panis Aliferis; John Preskill

Published in: Physical Review. A. General Physics, volume 78, (no 5), pages Art No. 052331 in 2008

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