An Integrated Development Environment for Web Service Composition

There has been considerable interest in the industry to adopt Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and use Web services for encapsulating enterprise information assets. However, in order to realize the true potential of SOA, it is critical to develop the tools and technologies that enable dynamic composition of Web services to create new services with a richer set of functionalities. Unfortunately, little effort has been dedicated towards tooling for end-to-end service composition. What is required is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to ease the process of composition, thereby reducing development time and integration efforts. In this paper, we present an IDE for end-to-end web service composition. The IDE is based on a two--stage service composition approach -- where suitable components are first discovered based on semantic annotations of existing services, and then a new service is stitched based on the developer's requirements. We present the design of the IDE, describe its integration with existing technologies, and discuss its usability based on the findings of a user survey.

By: Girish Chafle, Gautam Das, Koustuv Dasgupta, Arun Kumar, Sumit Mittal, Sougata Mukherjea, Biplav Srivastava

Published in: RI06009 in 2006


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