Holography of Holes, with Electrons and Photons

Submicron holes in a gold film are illuminated with coherent low-energy electrons in the low-energy electron point-source microscope. The images are interpreted as holograms and simulated using the Fresnel--Kirchhoff formula. A reconstruction scheme yields the wave front at the object, in good agreement with transmission electron microscope images of the same hole structures. Laser experiments of similarly shaped, but scaled appropriately,
hole structures reveal the same features.

By: H. J. Kreuzer (Dalhousie Univ., Can.), H. W. Fink, H. Schmid and S. Bonev (Dalhousie Univ., Can.)

Published in: Journal of Microscopy, volume 178, (no 3), pages 191-7 in 1995

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