A Graph-search Based Approach to BPEL4WS Test Generation

—Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS) is a kind of concurrent programming languages with several special features that raise special challenges for verification and testing. This paper proposes a graph-search based approach to BPEL test case generation, which effectively deals with BPEL concurrency semantics. This approach defines an extension of CFG (Control Flow Graph) - BPEL Flow Graph (BFG) - to represent a BPEL program in a graphical model. Then concurrent test paths can be generated by traversing the BFG model, and test data for each path can be generated using a constraint solving method. Finally test paths and data are combined into complete test cases.

By: Yuan Yuan; Zhongjie Li; Wei Sun

Published in: RC24028 in 2006


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