A Practical Implementation of Silicon Microchannel Coolers for High Power Chips

This paper describes a practical implementation of a single-phase Si microchannel cooler designed for cooling very high power chips such as microprocessors. Through the use of multiple heat exchanger zones and optimized cooler fin designs, a unit thermal resistance 10.5 C-mm2/W from the cooler surface to the inlet water was demonstrated with a fluid pressure drop of <35 kPa. Further, cooling of a thermal test chip with a microchannel cooler bonded to it packaged in a single chip module was also demonstrated for a chip power density greater than 300 W/cm2. Coolers of this design should be able to cool chips with average power densities of 400 W/cm2 or more.

By: E. G. Colgan; B. Furman; M. Gaynes; W. Graham; N. LaBianca; J. H. Magerlein; R. J. Polastre; M. B. Rothwell; R. J. Bezama; R. Choudhary; K. Marston; H. Toy; J. Wakil; J. Zitz; R. Schmidt

Published in: Proceedings of 21st Annual IEEE Semiconductor Thermal Measurement and Management Symposium. Piscataway, NJ, , IEEE. , p.1-7 in 2005

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