Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) on the Lattice

        Recent progresses in QCD and various phenomenologies related to QCD are reviewed on the basis of lattice gauge theory. A brief introductory description is given on what is QCD and how QCD is formulated on the lattice. A number of fundamental questions on QCD such as confinement, flavor dynamics, and chiral dynamics are addressed. A general survey of various QCD phenomenolgical subjects is made with a prime emphasis on hadron spectrum, weak matrix elements, and finite temperature QCD. As a conclusion, a number of key issues such as improved action for finite lattice spacing, valence approximation (quenched QCD), partially quenched QCD, and chiral limit QCD are discussed which need to be solved in near future in order to study QCD further on the lattice.

By: Weonjong Lee

Published in: RC20396 in 1996

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