Automated Assembly of Parallel Fiber Optic Cables

        The INCA (IN-line Cable Assembly) process was developed for assembling fiber optic cables automatically. During the INCA process, precisely coated fibers are laminated between the cable backing materials. Connectors are installed robotically onto the fibers as required. After the cable is assembled, the connectors are finished and body parts are added. Automation of the assembly process is efficient and results in high quality fiber optic cable assemblies.

By: S. A. Igl (3M Co.), B. A. DeBaun (3M Co.), N. A. Lee (3M Co.), T. L. Smith (3M Co.), G. D. Henson (3M Co.), A. S. Kuczma (3M Co.) and P. K. Pepeljugoski

Published in: RC20706 in 1997

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