Shared Management of Dynamic Business Process Extensions

The global marketplace becomes more and more competitive, and
business organizations need to team up and operate as a virtual
enterprise to utilize the best of their resources for achieving their
common business goals. As the business environment of an
enterprise is highly dynamic, it is necessary to develop a
workflow management technology that is capable of handling
dynamic workflows across enterprise boundaries. This paper
proposes a Workflow Extension Model (WEM) and a dynamic
workflow management system of WEM for modeling and
controlling the execution of multi-organizational business
processes. WEM enables the explicit specification of dynamic
properties associated with a business process model. It extends
the underlying processes by adding connectors, conditions of
application, extension process definition, and rules as its
modeling constructs. Using WEM as the underlying model, the
paper also describes the workflow engine which is extended by an
extension service to trigger extensions during the execution of a
workflow process to enforce business.

By: Laurent Baduel, Hideki Tai, Takayuki Kushida

Published in: RT0850 in 2010


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