Experimental Evaluation of a 20x20 mm Footprint Microcolumn

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A miniaturized 1kV electron beam column with a 20x20 mm square footprint for application in arrayed lithography has been developed. The actual column length is only 3.5 mm from the electron emitter to the last electrode in the beam focusing einzel lens. The electron source is a miniaturized, high brightness (120 uA/sr), low heating power (100 um, at low distortions. Using a computer controlled digital pattern generator patterns with less than 100 nm linewidth have been exposed in poly-methylmethacrylate (PMMA) resist and reactively ion etched into an underlying tungsten layer.

By: E. Kratschmer, H. S. Kim, M. G. R. Thomson, K. Y. Lee, S. A. Rishton, M. L. Yu, S. Zolgharnain (Columbia Univ.), B. W. Hussey and T. H. P. Chang

Published in: Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, volume 14, (no 6), pages 3792-6 in 1996

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