Contacting Molecular Nanostructures. Molecular Mechanics, Charge Transfer, and Transport Properties

We present methods for the controlled generation of molecular nanostructures from fullerene and porphyrin-derived molecules. We observe the internal molecular structure of individual molecules, which provides information on the orientation and internal conformation. Molecules and molecular structures produced on various substrates are characterized by scanning tunneling spectroscopy and current distance plots. Molecular mechanics, in response to varying substrate and junction conditions, is explored based on both experimental data and numerical simulations.

By: T. A. Jung, R. R. Schlittler, J. K. Gimzewski, H. Tang (CNRS, France) and C. Joachim (CNRS, France)

Published in: Atomic and Molecular Wires, NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series E, Applied Sciences ed. by C. Joachim and S. Roth. , Dordrecht, Kluwer, vol.341, p.169-78 in 1997

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