Designing Anonymous Applications with Accountability Using idemix Anonymous Credentials

Anonymous credential systems allow anonymous yet authenticated and accountable transactions between users and service providers. As such, they represent a powerful technique for protecting users' privacy when conducting Internet transactions. In this report, we show how to design privacy-friendly yet secure and accountable applications using the idemix anonymous credential system introduced in [1], based on protocols developed in [2]. In order to facilitate such design, we describe authentication, accountability and linkability features of the various idemix protocols as assertions on their in- and output parameter values. Using these assertions, we demonstrate the design of an application using idemix credentials based on the application's authentication, accountability and unidentifiability requirements.

[1] J. Camenisch and E. Van Herreweghen, Proc. 9th ACM CCS Conf., pp. 21-30 (ACM, 2002).
[2] J. Camenisch and A. Lysyanskaya, LNCS, vol. 2045, pp. 93-118 (Springer-Verlag, 2001).

By: Els Van Herreweghen

Published in: RZ3526 in 2004


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