Design of Multimedia Instant Messaging System with Annotation

We have investigated enhancements to Internet based instant messaging (IM) system. Our system allows communication via handwritten information, mixed with other non-textual multimedia information. All information is presented to the user in a graphical user interface using a scrollable whiteboard metaphor. A compact timeline view, allows random access to recorded multimedia messages. Our system allows annotation of items entered anywhere in the IM record, as well as deletion and modification. All users are alerted to annotations by means of two hyperlinks; one at the end of the IM record the other at the annotation itself. The system is especially useful with the PDAs and Tablet PCs where handwriting input is currently supported. A prototyped IM system in iPAQ PDA with handwriting (ink) instant messaging and annotation will be presented.

By: Zon-Yin Shae, Xiping Wang, Ferdinand Hendriks

Published in: RC22966 in 2003


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