SIMPLE: A Strategic Information Mining PLatform for IP Excellence

Intellectual Properties (IP), such as patents and trademarks, are one of the most critical assets in today’s enterprises and research organizations. They represent the core innovation and differentiators of an organization. When leveraged effectively, they not only protect a business from its competition, but also generate significant opportunities in licensing, execution, long term research and innovation. In certain industries, such as Pharmaceutical industry, patents lead to multi-billion dollar revenue each year. In this paper, we present a holistic information mining solution, called SIMPLE, which mines large corpus of patents and scientific literature for insights. Unlike much prior work that deals with specific aspects of analytics, SIMPLE is an integrated and end-to-end IP analytics solution which addresses a wide range of challenges in patent analytics such as the data complexity, scale, and nomenclature issues. It encompasses techniques and tools for patent data processing and modeling, analytics algorithms, web interface and web services for analytics service delivery and end-user interaction. We use real-world case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of SIMPLE.

By: Ying Chen, Scott Spangler, Jeffrey Kreulen, Stephen Boyer, Thomas D. Griffin, Alfredo Alba, Amit Behal, Bin He, Linda Kato, Ana Lelescu, Xian Wu, Li Zhang, Cheryl Kieliszewski

Published in: RJ10450 in 2009


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