A Multidimensional Marketplace for Cloud Services

This paper proposes a marketplace (platform) supporting a multidimensional auction for cloud services. In this auction price varies with multiple dimensions associated with the service provided, some dimensions continuous and some discrete. Users of the marketplace are either requesters or providers of cloud services. In the course of their usage of the marketplace, users construct and observe a dynamic market for cloud services. To users the marketplace provides an easy to use, intuitive interface that includes the automatic construction of contracts and payment mechanisms. Behind the scenes the marketplace is driven by complex algorithms manipulating a price hypersurface for each offer or bid from a user. We offer a way to make these hidden computations feasible and also an open problem for computational geometry, where we seek an efficient method for managing such hypersurfaces for tens of thousands of users.

By: Ray Strong, Susanne Glissmann-Hochstein

Published in: RJ10526 in 2015


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