Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Service-Oriented Business Processes Integration (SOBPI'05)

A widely recognized trend in business and markets is the push towards the idea of companies and enterprises as networked organizations, which can gain profit from collaborations in the net, improving their flexibility, and reducing operational costs. This transformation requires the adoption of more collaborative working practices based on the integration of business processes within a wide community of business partners, suppliers, vendors, and public bodies.

In parallel to this trend, service oriented technologies are transforming the web from an infrastructure for sharing information to a place where the networked organizations can meet to integrate their business interests. Service Oriented Computing (SOC) is currently the most promising technology supporting the development and execution of business processes that are distributed among the most disparate entities, both within an organization and across organizational borders.

However, a practical industry-wide adoption of web services, to support the collaboration among networked organizations and the integration of their business process, is still an open challenge. This challenge can be addressed only by a tight integration of service-oriented development within new business models and new ways of management that are able to exploit new technological solutions. Moreover, web service technology is still emerging, and therefore their industry-wide adoption requires to inject research results within real industry practices, but, even more important, to drive research activities and roadmaps according to industrial needs.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers, practitioners, and experts in business models and management and to promote cross-fertilization among their competencies, focusing on the usage of service oriented technologies to support the Business Processes Integration (BPI). The goal is to build bridges and convergences among the complementary views of experts in IT and service oriented technologies and experts in management, and the di erent approaches of academy and industry, to the problem of business processes integration. The emphasis of the workshop will be on the demonstration of the practical application of research results, and on the description of industrial case studies.

By: Stéphane Gagnon; Heiko Ludwig; Marco Pistore; Wasim Sadiq (Eds.)

Published in: RC23820 in 2005


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