Bandwidth of Firing Squad Algorithms

The Firing Squad Synchronization Problem (FSSP) is one of the best-studied problems for Cellular Automata (CA) and is part of many more sophisticated algorithms. Solutions for it such as the one from Mazoyer or Gerken use travelling signals, a basic technique of CA algorithms. Hence in addition to their importance, they represent typical CA algorithms. Beside the interest in their bandwidth following the definition of [1] they also serve well to study the methods for determining the bandwidth in the first place. As was demonstrated, bandwidth calculation for CA is a complex problem and requires the development of sophisticated algorithms. New approaches in this direction are given and compared using selected FSSP algorithms.
[1] Döring, A.: Bandwidth in cellular automata. PARS-Mitteilungen (2005) 118–125
Keywords: Doring, Doering

By: A. Döring

Published in: Proc. PARS Workshop 2010, in "Parallel-Algorithmen, -Rechnerstrukturen und -Systemsoftware,", Germany, Ges. f. Informatik e.V., vol.24, p.176-184 in 2007


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