Blinkering Surveillance: Enabling Video Privacy through Computer Vision (title in journal: Enabling Video Privacy through Computer Vision)

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In this paper we describe a technology for protecting privacy in video systems. The paper presents a review of privacy in video surveillance and describes how a computer vision approach to understanding the video can be used to represent "just enough" of the information contained in a video stream to allow video-based tasks (including both surveillance and other "person aware" applications) to be accomplished, while hiding superfluous details, particularly identity, that can contain privacy-intrusive information. The technology has been implemented in the form of a privacy console that manages operator access to different versions of the video-derived data according to access control lists. We have also built PrivacyCam - a smart camera that produces a video stream with the privacy-intrusive information already removed.

By: Andrew Senior, Sharath Pankanti, Arun Hampapur, Lisa Brown, Ying-Li Tian, Ahmet Ekin

Published in: IEEE Security & Privacy, volume 3, (no 3), pages 50-7 in 2005


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