Model-Driven Dashboards for Business Performance Reporting

Business performance modeling and model-driven business transformation are two research directions that are attracting much attention lately. In this study, we propose an approach for dashboard development that is model-driven and can be integrated with the business performance models. We adopt the business performance modeling framework, and we extend it in order to capture the reporting aspect of the business operation. We describe models that can effectively represent all the elements necessary for the business performance reporting process, and the interactions among them. We also demonstrate how all these models can be combined and automatically generate the final solution.

Finally, we discuss our experience from the application of our technique in a real-world scenario. This case study shows that our technique can be efficiently applied to and handle changes in the underlying business models, delivering significant benefits in terms of both development time and flexibility.

By: Pawan Chowdhary; Themis Palpanas; Florian Pinel; Shyh-Kwei Chen; Frederick Y. Wu

Published in: RC23997 in 2006


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