Electric Vehicle Fleet Integration in the Danish EDISON Project - A Virtual Power Plant on the Island of Bornholm

The Danish EDISON project has been launched to investigate how a large fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) can be integrated in a way that supports the electric grid while benefitting both the individual car owners and society as a whole through reductions in CO2 emissions. The consortium partners include energy companies, technology suppliers and research laboratories and institutes. The aim is to perform a thorough investigation of the challenges and opportunities of EVs and then to deliver a technical platform that can be demonstrated on the Danish island of Bornholm. To reach this goal, a vast amount of research is done in various areas of EV technology by the partners. This paper will focus on the ICT-based distributed software integration, which plays a major role for the success of EDISON. Key solution technologies and standards that will accommodate communication and optimize the coordination of EVs will be described as well as the simulation work that will help to reach the goals of the project.
Keywords: Sundström, Sundstrom, Sundstroem

By: Carl Binding, Dieter Gantenbein, Bernhard Jansen, Olle Sundström, Peter Bach Andersen, Francesco Marra, Bjarne Poulsen, and Chresten Træholt

Published in: Proc. IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) 2010 General Meeting, Minneapolis, MN , IEEE, p.8pp. in 2010


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