The IBM Wireless Sensor Networking Testbed

This paper describes the wireless sensor networking testbed built at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory. The testbed has been used to address a wealth of exciting research challenges. Performance evaluations have been carried out with short-range wireless communication technologies, which are highly relevant for sensor networking such as IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee networks, Bluetooth WPANs, and IEEE 802.11b WLANs. With the testbed, the merits of wireless mesh networking for range extension and reliability enhancement have been explored. New lightweight messaging protocols for communication between sensors and an application server have been tested which allow to bring messaging-oriented middleware down to very low-end sensors and actuators. In addition, the testbed has been used to develop sensor applications for remote metering and location-sensing.

By: Simeon Furrer; Wolfgang Schott; Hong Linh Truong; Beat Weiss

Published in: Barcelona, Spain in 2006


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