Large UV-Induced Negative Index Changes In Germanium-Free Nitrogen-Doped Planar SiO2 Wave-Guides

Negative refractive index changes of up to 1.7x10**-3 have been induced by 248 nm excimer laser light in planar germanium-free SiON waveguides. Highly temperature-stable 40 dB Bragg gratings with a length of 8 mm have been written. A novel mechanism of photosensitization was used to create the high-index changes.

By: D. Wiesmann, J. Hubner, R. Germann, I. Massarek, H. W. M. Salemink, G. L. Bona, M. Kristnesen, H. Jackel

Published in: Electronics Letters, volume 34, (no 4), pages 364-6 in 1998

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