High-Contrast and Low-Loss SiON Optical Waveguides by PECVD

        PECVD SiO(x)N(y) waveguides on SiO(2)-cladded Si substrates were fabricated with an effective refractive-index contrast of approximately 0.02. After annealing, an optical propagation loss of 0.10 dBcm is measured in the wavelength window of 1540-1580 nm using prism coupling. Systematic evaluation is done as a function of PECVD process conditions, and a comparison of as-grown and annealed films is made. Single-mode waveguide channels with a lateral width of 3 um are made using RIE, and subsequently overgrown with SiO(2) by PECVD. Curved waveguide segments with bending radii down to 1 mm are optimized for low-loss transmission.

By: I. Massarek, B. J. Offrein, G. L. Bona, R. Germann and H. W. M. Salemink

Published in: RZ2821 in 1996


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